Is UserSpace



Who are we?

UserSpace is a technology community. We discuss about anything from cybersecurity, coding and CTFs to Linux! We're also interested in free and opensource software. If you're interested in any of that, consider joining our Discord server!


Our Interests

We have a place for everything here, but we actively talk about Python, C, C++, Bash Scripting, cybersecurity and Linux. We also encourage an introduction of new topics related to tech.

Our Vision

Progress and the Future

Huge changes coming into this community and hopefully, positive and successful changes.

What we have achieved:

  • - The server has reached 100 members recently
  • - Verification system. The community is actually a nice place to chat in and I believe we don't have any unwanted people.
  • - Activity. The server is quite active and more active than most of the other huge Tech communities.
  • - Convenience. You can connect to the server from Discord and from IRC (Libera.Chat)

What we plan to achieve in the future:

  • - More members
  • - Quality and activity in the community
  • - More IRC networks to connect with
  • - Ability to connect from Matrix and XMPP

Thanks for everyone who has been with us from the beginning and grew this server to what it is right now!